Food Review

One of the attributes of an excellent bar is its ability to cater to its customers’ needs and keeps them coming back. Ivory Room Piano Bar doesn’t fall short when it comes to providing top-of-the-shelf services. Besides running one of the most significant bar services around, we operate a kitchen, from where you can get many of your favorite dishes.

Our chefs take their cuisine inspiration from some of the best restaurants globally; they prepare meals with the healthiest ingredients you can ever come across on the market. Our kitchen boasts some of the best chefs in Santa Monica. We cook our meals following the best standards to cater to the taste of our various customers.

We also have excellent customer service. Our waiters and servers are ever ready to attend to your various needs; all you’ve got to do is beckon on them, and they’d take your orders and deliver them in no time. This kitchen also has an atmosphere that encourages socializing with people of like minds.

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