Ivory Room Piano Bar was named the 2012 Small Wonder Bar in the U.S. by Nightclub Bar Magazine & Nightclub.com!

Inspired by piano bar culture in downtown Chicago, owners Jack and Julie Sosnowski wanted to bring a classy, yet cozy, feel to the Madison area. In 2006, they opened the Ivory Room Piano Bar at 116 West Mifflin Street.  The original bar featured a single piano, poised in the front window.  The bar was expanded in 2012 to create a larger space to host dueling pianos. The duo hit the right key with the Ivory Room Piano Bar.

We partner with Piano Fondue, Madison’s Travelling Dueling Piano Group.  Their talented group of performers provide a high energy, hilarious, all-request show.  Stop on by.   Our friendly bartenders and servers can help you get your friend on the pianos for a sultry serenade, a sassy sing-a-long or a silly tune.

We feature local, craft beer on tap, as well as a lengthy craft cocktail list.  Our wine selection appeals to a variety of palates.  Drink specials are offered Tuesday through Friday.

In addition to our fantastic venue, we have an excellent staff.  Our bartenders, servers, and security are committed to your safety and experience.